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beta.js – an OS and Browser detection JavaScript library

I actually don’t know why I didn’t post this one when I did the library :D Forgot I guess… All in all, I made 2 updates allready so its v0.92 now. This is basically a small library for detecting various operating systems and browsers (with versions specified :) across these operating systems. You can check the full documentation on The name is fitting I think, cause the library will most likely always remain in beta versions :D Had some /… /

Urban Dance Kemp 2012

Phew, already 2 months passed from this years UDK… It gets better every year, I am a little scared of whats it gonna be like next time :) Although it’s a bit overdue, I have to thank the entire Urban Dance team for their hard work and efforts in making this happen and inviting us (me and Tina) to come for a second year in a row to show our style, talent and love for the dance. I has been /… /

prettyDropdown.js – a jQuery select box visual enhancment

So I’ve been away from blog again :) But still made something new… One of my latest stuff is this, prettyDropdown.js, a jQuery plugin for visually enhancing your dropdowns (<select>  tags). The main problem with dropdown styling is that you cannot add specific style to the dropdown itself (only the parent select tag, not the option tags).  I’ve come across this problem before, and found some solution on the interwebs, and after a time I decided to make my own. /… /

Long time no post…

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog :) I’ve been somewhat busier than usual so I haven’t had the time. All in all, as far as programming is concerned I’ve been working on the second version of stick!T – online sticky notes, and started to develop a Diablo 3 website :) And dancing… Well, since the last post I’ve been here and there :), yesterday I got back from Celje (Slovenia) where I was representing Unit-X /… /

The Magnificent Seven

Went to Zagreb last weekend to take part in The Magnificent Seven Dance Workshops, a concept by my crewmate La Tina which took place in Unit-X School Zagreb. I really had a wonderful time, definetly the most fun I had teaching in Croatia :) The workshops (seven different dance styles – locking, popping, waackin, top-rock, hiphop, housedance & afro) were on Saturday, and the next day there was a forum where we talked about street and club dance styles, originators, /… /

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